New site celebrate the WFH period.

The key thing is to fight with the loneliness and time management. You will be alone, no bosses, no colleages, no drunk-mate to push you up, blame you down, cheer you left … so you have to make it yourself.

But once you got it, you have to admit, it’s OK for WFH. No more meaningless time-spent for coffee, chat-chit, just get-things-done and save tons of time for yourself.

It would be so strange and how it’s gonna happen in several years begin with this social-trend. Ppl are acting weird now, but let’s praise for a miracle.

A Standford WFH productivity research from a Chinese experiment - I admitted this research is also kinda weird 😆.

Update an article from WSJ How Working From Home Has Changed Employees to prove my theory, found after writing this post. I will translate into Vietnamese briefly in my spare-time.