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Saigon Ovad

😥 An amazing shot by Phuc Le Sài gòn đâu có lạnh !

Cho a tựa Ovad

Ngày hôm nay anh rất mệt … Có những ngày xung quanh ta toàn những tuyệt vọng cùng cực …

Burn Out Ovad

Definetly burn-out, i need fr3sh m33t right n0w !

One Video a Day 5

This keyboard is a project during WFH, the kit is NJ86 and keycaps based on Nitendo with custom ❤️ Enter key.

1984 Gist

The post inspired from a “famous” novel 1Q84 by Murikmami, also noting some facts about this special year.

Another Video

This video present the relationship which part of life people spend time with.


New site celebrate the WFH period. The key thing is to fight with the loneliness and time management.