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Collectd Prometheus on Centos 7

Centos 7 is too old so while you need collectd with plugin write metrics to Prometheus, no way you can do that on current packages.

Build Site with Git Webhook

This little box has another git for hosting it-self. To complete automation build and update site, we setup actions for any events updated or commit on my git server above.

Speedtest Page

This page will show how speed improvement for my local ISP at home.

Family Day One Vid Aday

Today is the Vietnamese family day but not so much ppl care about that though it had been announced from 2001.

Wanna Wit One Vid a Day

To be honest, I once think wanna quit this madness and this series.

Live Dead One Vid Aday

Đây là nhạc mình nghe khi còn trẻ (không đùa)

Halfway One Video a Day

Nhiều khi đứng giữa đường không biết quyết định sao …

Hope to Go One Vid Aday

Khi nào mới lại được thả thơi rong ruổi trên những cung đường như thế này như ngày xưa:

Anyone of Us One Vid a Day

Hiện tại ai xung quanh ta cũng có thể là F0 (anyone of us), hãy nghe lại một bài hát “tiên đoán” tương lai của Gareth Gates, đúng nghĩa Stupid Mistake.

Weekend Coming Vid a Day

Hôm nay là cuối tuần ! Không còn gì bằng một bữa tụ tập bqq 🍖 và 🍻 cùng gia đình hay bạn bè chiến hữu đồng “đô” aka ‘ko say ko về’.

One Video a Day 5

This keyboard is a project during WFH, the kit is NJ86 and keycaps based on Nitendo with custom ❤️ Enter key.

One Video a Day 4

It seems this took a little bit harder, this is not a job, a must but should be a joy to mark a meaningful event or memory to me.

One Video a Day 3

Finally, I founded one for the 3rd day, hope it would be the longest chain as I could.

1984 Gist

The post inspired from a “famous” novel 1Q84 by Murikmami, also noting some facts about this special year.

Another Video

This video present the relationship which part of life people spend time with.

One Video a Day

New classic guitar artist Alexandra Whittingham And to be honest, this video is for listening and “viewing”.


New site celebrate the WFH period. The key thing is to fight with the loneliness and time management.